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At Chattanooga Culture we are passionate about holistic health and wellness! To promote this, we have curated the most potent wellness kombucha to ever hit the market. True health isn’t just about what we eat and drink, community plays a massive role as well, therefore we are committed to bringing together like minded individuals to create cohesiveness in the health and wellness world! Let’s get together and drink some booch!

Holistic Ingredients

Curated using herbs shown to improve several areas of your health

Orgonite Charged

Our kitchen is filled with high quality orgonite to ensure the highest vibrational space

Made with Love

Hand made intention and care is put into each bottle

Holistic Kombucha

What does holistic kombucha mean? Holism is defined as “the treating of the whole person”. We decided to widen the lens used for traditional kombucha to increase its potency and potential in a multitude of ways. This allowed us to brew kombucha that goes beyond the general understanding of gut health and into the world of holism. 

With kombucha as the vessel, I vow to curate truly holistic beverages, to treat not only our guts, but our WHOLE being.

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Customer Reviews

I LOVE Chattanooga Culture! Amazing kombucha, even more amazing people! Clean, intentional, and delicious flavors... what more could you want! This is literally the only kombucha I drink. I order cases for my office that fly off the shelves. My personal favorite is the Nojito!
Erica Rodgers - REV Optimal Living
Chattanooga Culture is leading the way forward to more holistic ways of being! Matt’s passion for optimizing human health guides the production of only the highest quality kombucha. The process begins with premium organic ingredients where each serving goes through a precise fermentation process to include intentional synergistics that truly enhance human health. The culmination of combining special teas and organic seasonal fruits produces superior flavors that will leave you speechless. This culture is ready to fill your cup so you can overflow with more goodness.
Cameron Fitch
Chattanooga Culture kombucha has truly created a new generation of kombucha drinkers as they have changed the game with real and local ingredients, fascinating flavors and an ownership that is not only knowledgeable but passionate about their product.
Here at Ruddle's Bread and Book, our costumers have absolutely loved every single flavor of Chattanooga Culture kombucha. We have seen both kombucha enthusiasts and novices alike, try a sample, smile with delight, and immediately order a pour. The Chattanooga Culture is spreading and we couldn't be more excited to be a provider of this magical beverage!
Kaylee and Janson Brown - Ruddle's Bread and Book
100 stars! What is there not to love about this kombucha. Not only are the flavors on point, but the branding is brilliant and the fact they use glass shows how knowledgeable they are about what they do. You can tell intention is in everything they make and create. Definitely our favorite kombucha by far.
Matt Lake - Real Roots Cafe
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